Like A Boss: Bowser

by on January 29, 2014

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic bosses of all time, we were first introduced to Bowser back in 1985 in the game Super Mario Bros. – and we haven’t looked back since. Known for his treachery and obsession with kidnapping women for interspecies sexual congress, Bowser has used every trick in the book since he started feuding with that fat Italian plumber Mario.

Since his first appearance, and the popularity that grew with the feud, Bowser has featured in almost every single instalment of the Mario franchise. He is known as the King of the Koopas, although it is never explained how he became so evolved compared to his easily beaten counterparts. A spiked shell, hair, horns and the fact that he dwarfs every other character in the Mushroom Kingdom are just some of his differing traits from the rest of his kinfolk.

Known as an antagonist, is Bowser really such a bad Koopa? He wants to marry the woman he loves, and merge his realm with the much happier Mushroom Kingdom. Is that really such a bad thing for a King to do? Maybe the game shows you what an unbelievable douche Mario is, thwarting the blundering buffoon’s efforts at every turn. Sure, Peach is Mario’s supposed girlfriend, but have none of you never tried to desperately get the woman you love, no matter the consequences? He is also a generous King, lending his castle out to the rest of the characters in the Mushroom Kingdom as a go-kart course, a tennis court and even a baseball stadium. Personally, I think he’s just like a pitbull – he might bite you, but he just wants someone to play with.

And to be fair to the rest of the Kingdom, they let him join in their activities and he has shown himself to be an accomplished player in many different varieties of games. It shows that when you include a bully, sometimes they can better themselves and be a little friendlier, you know, minus all the Bowser shells being thrown around Baby Park and stuff.

Bowser even goes on to become a recognised movie star, making a cameo in the Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. It really shows how much someone can grow, especially at the end when Bowser is applauding Ralph, instead of vilifying him for turning his back on being a bad guy.

Bowser Wreck-It Ralph

Whichever way you look at it though, Bowser is clumsy. His plans are all over the place, and maybe if he just talked to Mario and Peach he might get further than where he usually does. Who knows, they might be open to swinging, although I’m not sure who Bowser would bring to the party. Daisy? That’d be weird. He could go old school and find Mario’s ex, Pauline. I bet she’s doing well after Mario threw her to the curb when he found fame, fortune and the ever-young Princess Peach.

For me, he has to go down as one of the worst antagonists simply due to the fact he can never follow through with his plans. Imagine if Mario died from one of Bowser’s plans and it was left to Luigi to save the world. Bowser could beat Luigi surely. This Koopa just can’t catch a break. Mario has beat him over and over again, and it’s a mystery as to how Bowser keeps his motivation. You know what they say, one good girl is better than 1000 bitches. I guess Bowser follows that motto and just wants to give Peach a ring for that finger.

Though whether he will one day, who knows. Bowser, I’m rooting for you man, be like Cheryl Cole and fight for that love.

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