Life Goes On | A game where you hurl yourself at a wall of spikes and climb the corpse

Life Goes On is a comically morbid 2D puzzle platformer where you play as a series of knights that you must sacrifice to progress through the game.

It’s unclear what exactly motivates these knights into throwing themselves on spikes, or to self-immolate, or volunteer as makeshift cannonballs bound for the nearest wall, just so that the knight who survives can get to a shiny gold goblet. I just hope that they have life insurance, because the first knight dies within a second of the game starting.


‘Jump to Respawn’, the game teases, only to impale your second knight too.
This trap-ridden world gradually introduces your knights to more elaborate puzzles that seem to require an ever-increasing pile of bodies.


As the developers put it, in “Life Goes On, death is not a setback – it is the only means to success”. And as you throw yourself on a wall of spikes to give yourself something to climb on, that’s exactly what it feels like.


And then things get out of hand… and the twisted part about this is not that I committed suicide over thirty times, but that this was a rational way to solve the puzzle.

It’s a game where even the end credits murder you repeatedly – and it’s wonderfully entertaining.

Life Goes On launches on Steam today and there’s a 25% discount if you buy it in the first week.

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